PUBLIC NUISANCE "Gotta Survive" Frantic Records 1313


Sacramento, CA - Frantic Records, the latest and brightest label to join the 1960s psychedelic reissue fraternity debuts with one helluva bang. Public Nuisance might be a obscure name to all but a few Northern California hipsters, but once the rest of the world gets to hear this amazing 2 CD collection of previously unissued high energy psychedelic rock & roll from 1968, they ain't never gonna forget it..

Public Nuisance was a unique, enervating garage/psych phenomenon whose recorded legacy blows away 90% of the so-called classics that are constantly hyped to death. This stuff is f***ing unbelievable! They began in Sacramento in 1964 as the Jaguars, made two rare as hens teeth 45s as Moss & The Rocks (both of which are included on this compilation), and then became PUBLIC NUISANCE for the rest of the decade; dressed in black with ultra long-hair - sort of a proto-Ramones look - and playing a fascinating blend of punky garage tinged psychedelic rock & roll, with total Who/Small Faces energy and a Seeds/Music Machine monomania, all topped with some of the coolest guitar and lyrics you can imagine. As heavy as the Stooges, as freaky as the Airplane, as direct as the Creation. Signing to Terry Melchers Equinox Productions in late 1968, they recorded two lengthy sessions with famed maverick engineer Eirik 'The Norwegian' Wangberg that constitute some of the most kinetic and engaging recordings of the psychedelic era. The group completed a full-length album that was set to make Public Nuisance a national sensation when the Manson family scared Melcher into dropping his projects and going into hiding, causing the breakup of the band. Yes, this is the LP that didn't get released because of the Sharon Tate murder!!! So tracks like "Darlin'", "Daddy's Coming Home", "Katie Shiner" and "Gotta Survive" are gems that have lain buried and unknown until now, and after hearing Public Nuisance you're gonna wonder how you ever lived without 'em!

The deluxe package not only includes every surviving Nuisance cut in glorious remastered sound, but also features a 28-page full color booklet packed with mind-blowing graphics and eye-popping pix of this most unusual of groups. There's testimony from genre experts Alec Palao, Mike Stax and Karl Ikola, Clark Faville, Roger Maglio, plus a detailed history of the Nuisance by project producer and Frantic Records prez Joey D. This release is gonna change the ground rules for reissues on packaging alone, let alone the sounds it contains. You won't be disappointed!